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New and Improved RC Reel Commercial TMR Mixers - with Optional Helix Reel

RC 200 Series
The fully-redesigned RC 200 Series Reel Commercial mixers provide superior durability and performance, with
new advanced options that separate them from the competition. For dairy and beef producers mixing rations with
high percentages of roughages or distillers grain, this new design gives them the ability to efficiently handle a wide
range of materials. The all-new, open-concept Helix Reel option provides faster, more consistent mixing and
improved load leveling with any ration. It allows the operator to work more efficiently and move on to the next
batch of feed faster, as a result of quicker unloading and a more complete cleanout. The Heavy-Duty Drive option
offers extended life, in even the most extreme use cycles, and gives producers the ability to mix the heaviest
feedstuffs. These enhancements, combined with the versatility and low horsepower requirement that are the
hallmark of the reel and auger design, put these new RC models at the head of their class! With truck, trailer and
stationary models, and mixing capacities of 500-950 cubic feet, there’s a machine to fit every feeding situation.
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Kuhn Krause 100 Years of Innovation
Kuhn Krause is celebrating 100 years of innovation during 2016. From small beginnings in Meade, Kansas to the purchase of
the Twin-Wheel Windmill Factory in Hutchinson, Kansas (current home of Kuhn Krause), innovative ideas and equipment
continue to flow and provide solutions to current farming challenges.

Innovations began in 1916, when Henry Krause (original company founder) developed the One-Way Disc Plow. The One-Way
was a true innovation for the high plains wheat growing region of the United States, and soon became a staple item on many
farms. These products proved to be extremely efficient in tilling the soil, managing the residue and preparing a good seedbed for
the wheat of the high plains.

In later years, the Flex-Wing® Tandem Disc Harrow was developed. This innovation solved the need for larger folding equipment
for increasing horsepower and farm acreage, while adapting to the rolling contours of the field. Simultaneously, the first Rock-
Flex™ design was developed, which provided disc harrows the ability to work the rocky soils of the Upper Midwest and the

In recent years, innovative products like the Gladiator® for strip-till, and the Excelerator® for vertical tillage, have become very
popular among farmers. Again, the people of Hutchinson, Kansas responded to the needs of farming operations throughout
North America and the world. These new product categories deliver advanced practices for managing fertilizer placement and
handling residue, while preparing a seedbed.

As for the future, other innovations are already in development. Once those projects have been proven through rigorous testing,
Kuhn Krause will deliver other innovative solutions to farmers and continue to enhance row crop production agriculture for
another 100 years.

Kuhn Krause, Inc., a subsidiary of Kuhn North America, Inc., is a leading innovator in the field of agricultural equipment,
specializing in tillage and grain drill equipment. Kuhn Krause products are sold through farm equipment dealers throughout the
United States, Canada and many other countries.